ACEs Aware Office Hour: A Discussion on Trauma-informed Care and Interoperability

Want to listen to experts in trauma-informed care and interoperability from Catalyst Center, National Council for Mental Wellbeing, and Stewards of Change discuss the issues that matter to you most, as well as today’s most pressing concerns in mitigating the harmful effects of childhood adversity? Check out the recording from Catalyst Center’s ACEs Aware Virtual Office Hour.

In this one-hour segment, we cover topics ranging from: the successes and challenges of implementing trauma-informed care; the increasing need for interoperability to help achieve greater health equity and the challenges and opportunities this presents; relationship building to achieve cross-sector support, shared language/goals/approaches, and public awareness; the often hidden but critical need to address and include intergenerational trauma and institutional discrimination in approaches to trauma-informed care, and buffering supports to help increase family strengthening to mitigate the harmful effects of ACEs and toxic stress.   

We’d like to thank Linda Henderson-Smith, Sr. Director, Children and Trauma Informed Services at the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, as well as Daniel Stein, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Stewards of Change Institute, for their time and expertise. 

Still hungry for more? Are you a provider looking for more information on ACE screening and cross-sector strategies? Join us at our upcoming Provider Trainings to learn more about ACEs, implementing ACE screening, and cross-sector strategies to achieve that warm handoff between healthcare providers and social service agencies. You can find more information and register to attend a regional training in your area here.

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