Catalyst Center Provider Vacancy Database

In partnership with the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), the Catalyst Center is collecting vacancy information from STRTP, FFA, and THP service providers throughout California. The vacancy information is aggregated and used to answer requests for placement information coming from state and county officials.

The Catalyst Center is maintaining a current, statewide census of available vacancies for dependent youth. For that reason, weekly email reminders will be sent to STRTP, FFA, and THP providers asking for an update to their vacancy status. There is a separate online form for each type of facility:

STRTP Vacancy Form
FFA Vacancy Form
THP Vacancy Form

In the database, a “vacancy” refers to a placement slot that is available for immediate placement.  For example, if an STRTP facility is licensed for 50 beds, but due to staffing shortages can only accommodate 30 youth, and is currently serving 25 youth, the total vacancies would be five (5); current capacity (30) minus beds in use (25).

The goal is that all STRTP, FFA, or THP facilities participate in this database. However, it is most advantageous for programs that are under capacity and could use placement referrals made through the Catalyst Center.

The Catalyst Center will use the database to identify available placements, but it is not involved in the placement process beyond the referral. A final placement determination must be made between the placing agency and the facility.

Instructions for completing the forms:

• Providers will submit one (1) form for each of their licensed facilities.  If no vacancies exist, providers should select zero (0) in the first vacancy question.
• Providers will enter vacancy information by “groups” that share common characteristics (age, gender identity, etc.)  Thus, if an FFA provider has eight (8) total vacancies at their facility, and four (4) are for ISFC homes for youth ages 7-13, of any gender identity, and the other four (4) are for non-ISFC homes for youth of any age and gender identity, they would enter the vacancy information in two (2) separate groups on the form (4 vacancies in “group 1” and 4 vacancies in “group 2”).
• Once a provider has entered the vacancies that share characteristics in group 1, the form will ask if there are additional vacancies (yes/no).  If “yes” is selected, the provider will be given the option to add “group 2” vacancy information (and groups 3, 4, etc., following that, until all of the vacancies are captured).
•If the total number of vacancies exceeds 18, please select 18 as the total number of vacancies for that group and then note in “special considerations” the actual number of vacancies.
•The link to the form remains the same from week to week.
•You may use the link to make changes to your vacancy status at any time.  Thus, if a provider had 2 vacancies in their THP program on Monday, but accepted 2 youth on Wednesday, the provider could use the THP vacancy link to update their status to “0” on Wednesday.
•Once providers have completed a vacancy form, they do not need to complete additional forms until their vacancy information changes.  Providers only need to complete forms for any new facilities or any changes to vacancy information, once the initial form is completed.

Any questions can be directed to youth@catalyst-center.org.  Please also use this email address to inform us of any contact information updates.

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