Serving Medically Fragile Youth in Home Based Care: Top Strategies and Tips to Starting a Special Health Care Needs Program

November 9, 2020

November 9, 2020

Top Strategies and Tips to Starting a Special Health Care Needs Program  


              Learning objectives


1.      Participants will be able to assess and identify potential youth who may qualify for this program

2.      Participants will be able to identify  key components needed to develop a SHCN program in your agency resources

3.      Participants will have an understanding of the unique needs of this population and how to navigate the STATIC and ISFC rate for SHCN youth.


Short description


The webinar will provide you with knowledge in key areas of a SHCN program. These include: the definition of SHCN, how to train and support SHCN resource parents, assessing children for placement, the role of the agency nurse, and how to navigate the Static and ISFC rate for SHCN children.


Sue Evans MS, COO, Walden Family Services

Ms. Evans has over 30 years’ experience in child welfare in both the UK and CA, joining Walden in 2000. Ms. Evans has developed and expanded multiple foster care programs and including the SHCN program and THPP NMD programs. Ms. Evans is an FFTA board member, co-chair of the FFA CACFS committee and has presented at multiple State and National Conferences.

Rochelle Emerick, MSW, ISFC Supervisor, Walden Family Services

Rochelle Emerick has worked with foster youth and special needs youth for over 25 years.  Prior to joining Walden in 2006, Ms. Emerick spent several years working for LA County Department of Children and Family Services as well as LA Children’s Hospital.


Mary Frame, M. Ed. NCC   Director of Quality Assurance

Mary Frame has over 30 years of experience working with youth and families in a variety of settings and in several states. She has been with Walden since 2003 and is currently heading the Quality Assurance department and has worked in the development and continuous improvement of all programs at Walden. Mary has a leadership role in local collaborative groups and has presented at several state and national conferences.


Tammy Adler RN, BSN, PHN, agency nurse with Walden family Services.

Ms. Adler and has worked with resource families and foster youth with medical needs since the inception of the SHCN program in 2003. She has over 30 years’ experience as an RN in the NICU, Pediatrics, Home Health Care and Case Management.

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