TAY-Hub: Exploring Provider Perspectives

The CA Alliance/Catalyst Center project, led by Behavioral Health Senior Policy Advocate Selena Liu Raphael and research assistant Mirabel Raphael, delved into county-level variations in the utilization of Transitional Housing Placement Program for Non-Minor Dependents (THPP-NMD) versus Supervised Independent Living Placement (SILP) from the perspective of providers in California. Beginning with a thorough literature review on THPP-NMD contracting practices, the project conducted four waves of surveys and follow-up interviews with providers to uncover factors influencing their ability to serve youth effectively.

The research revealed widespread obstacles providers face statewide, including funding limitations and inconsistent eligibility criteria across counties. It also highlighted discrepancies in data accuracy due to varying definitions of housing-related terms. As California addresses the affordable housing crisis, addressing these barriers and promoting collaborative strategies between counties can significantly enhance support for transition-aged youth as they navigate into adulthood.

Read the full research paper HERE

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