FEMA Funding for private nonprofits

May 13, 2020

The Governor’s Office Of Emergency Services has just released a schedule of Applicants’ Briefings for Private Nonprofits on the California COVID-19 major disaster declaration. These briefings will provide information on the application procedures, cost eligibility, documentation requirements, payment processing, and deadlines specific to the federal Public Assistance Program for the COVID-19 Pandemic event. Potential applicants for this event are encouraged to attend the Applicants’ Briefings.

Need an overview of guidance from FEMA regarding support for nonprofits responding to COVID-19? View last month’s SVCN + CADRE webinar here



FEMA-4482-DR-CA is the federal designation for the biological event with the incident period beginning January 20, 2020 and continuing. The briefings listed below are for all counties, cities, special districts, school districts, tribal governments, state agencies, and eligible private non-profit organizations that provided an essential social service in all 58 counties of the state of California

Applicants’ Briefings for Private Non-Profits (all counties) will be held via live webinar at the following dates and times: (Please click on the date and time to access the webinar)

The complete schedule of all Applicants’ Briefings (including those not for Private Non-Profits) can be found here.


The materials referenced throughout the webinars can be found at the Virtual Applicant's Briefing page here.



Applicants must setup a Grants Portal Account and submit the Request for Public Assistance digitally from the account.

For Private Nonprofit and Tribal Governments: In order to set up an account (or for information on how to submit from an existing account), please send the following information to DisasterRecovery@caloes.ca.gov:

  • Legal Name of Organization
  • First/last name, phone number,     and email address of the person who can set up the account (this person     can add other users).

The deadline to submit your RPA for the FEMA-4482-DR-CA event is 30-days past the date that the incident period for this event closes; the incident period is currently open,therefore the deadline is undetermined at this time.

Please extend this invitation to any organization that may have assisted with this disaster.

There is no need to RSVP for the Applicants' Briefing you wish to attend. The presentations will be conducted in a “Listen Only” mode. Please submit questions via the Q&A chat which will be answered after the session via e-mail to all attendees. We highly encourage you to login instead of viewing the webinar as a guest, to ensure we capture your contact information and can provide answers to the questions posed throughout the webinar. A sign-in sheet is available for attendees who are unable to log in, or would like to ensure that they receive a copy of the questions received and corresponding answers.

For more information, please visit Cal OES Recovery's Website for DR-4482 information here.

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