Mission and Values

Core Values


Maintaining community through safe and inclusive spaces.


Ensuring evidence informs practice that is responsive to need.


Inviting those most impacted to be at the decision-making table.


Honoring relationship, co-creation, and collaboration in advancing movement.

Advocacy organizations have traditionally acted as a gateway to political action. The Catalyst shifts this model by engaging stakeholders at each and every level of the advocacy process, from ideation, co-creation, to actualization of state policy.

Our mission

Promoting the health, well-being and safety of children, youth and families in California as a collective voice impacting policy and best practices to strengthen the systems that serve them.

Our Commitment

The Catalyst is the catalytic vehicle that leverages connections between research, policy, and practice to inform and lead capacity building efforts across the state of California for providers in the fields of child and family services.

Our Strategy

The Catalyst provides the field support with access to a team of skillful technical assistance providers who:


Work to center needs of community and community-based advocates.


Ensure community data drives practice improvement


Build networks across the state to deepen cross-sector relationships.


Broaden capacity building supports.


Invest in local grassroots advocacy and community galvanizing.

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