Youth First

The Youth First project will end on August 31, 2022. This demonstration project has provided technical assistance and support to a select group of California counties and providers who are working to address the unmet complex needs of youth in foster care through highly individualized enhanced care programs. Due to the current workforce crisis that counties and providers are facing, as well as other challenges in developing the E-ISFC and E-STRTP models, Casey Family Programs(CFP) and Catalyst Center have determined that their resources are better spent providing other support and services to counties and providers.  

CFP and Catalyst remain fully dedicated to supporting Youth First organizations and counties in supporting youth with unmet complex needs and their families, and will still be available in the following ways:  

1: The Enhanced Care Program Guide will remain accessible to counties and providers as a resource as they continue to design programs to meet the needs of youth and their families. Click HERE to see the ECP Guide.

2: CFP supports: CFP will continue to be available to both Youth First counties and providers for:

       - Case consultations to include but not limited to permanency; family engagement, etc.
       - Training and consultation on previously discussed/shared CFS practice tools
       - Consultation on partnering with and engaging individuals/youth with lived expertise
       - Follow up on previous commitments to counties, providers and Catalyst team re: trainings, consultations, etc. (e.g., Intensive Family Finding and Engagement training); and
       - CFP is open to receiving additional support and assistance requests for consideration

       CFP communications/request process:

          o  Los Angeles and San Bernardino specific requests should be made by contacting Justin Lee (Los Angeles) at JLee@casey.org and Ricardo Hernandez (San Bernardino) at rhernandez@casey.org.
          o  Placer, Mendocino, Stanislaus and Sonoma Counties should be made by contacting Paul Buehler at pbuehler@casey.org or Kim Ricketts at KRicketts@casey.org.  

3: Catalyst supports: Catalyst Center will be available to provide TA and Training on supporting foster youth and their families in family-based care, STRTPs, and complex care programs. This can include:

       - Continued consultation on program development
       - TA for program design that meet youth’s unmet complex needs
       - Braiding and blending funding and support for budgeting
       - Support and consultation through the Catalyst’s Youth Resource Group
       - Maintaining statewide database of providers including vacancy information to support placements 

Catalyst communications/request process:

o  Email the Catalyst Center at youth@catalyst-center.org
o  Call 1-800-99YOUTH(999-6884) 

Thank you for all you do in service to children, youth and families throughout California. We look forward to our continued work with you!

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