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The Catalyst Center is the technical assistance and training vehicle for the California Alliance of Child and Family Services, a child services advocacy organization in the state of California.

About The California Alliance

The California Alliance of Child and Family Services is the unifying force in the charge to lead change and provide support for the state’s children, youth and families.

For those dedicated to improving the lives of these at-risk populations, the California Alliance stands apart as the champion and leading voice for organizations that advocate for children and families, and for advancing policy and services on their behalves. When you join the California Alliance, your organization’s voice is amplified and its mission is advanced. That’s because our expert staff and consultants advocate proactively to impact policy, legislation and budgets. When our advocacy, expertise and effectiveness are paired with your organization’s mission and services, children, youth and families win.

View California Alliance’s 2020 Policy Agenda

To learn more about legislative news, resources, and membership, visit the California Alliance website.

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