ACEs Aware Network of Care Convenings

February 22, 2021


May 31, 2021
See below for dates and times by location.

In partnership with the ACEs Aware initiative, the Catalyst Center is postponing its training and provider engagement events. While we understand and apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, we want to ensure there is thoughtful planning around our activities and the newly funded Network of Care grant activities. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause and we look forward to continuing to support all of the service providers of California who are committed to ensuring all children, youth, and their families have what they need to thrive. In the near future, the Catalyst Center will announce the new training and provider engagement dates.

We invite ALL to join our regional Network of Care Convenings, in which we will convene all sectors with vested interests in ACEs and the well-being of children and families to learn and discuss strategies related to ACEs and coordinated care, and then develop regional plans for implementing a transformative, trauma-informed network of care.

Our Network of Care 3-Part Series will offer participants opportunities to:

Session 1: Strategize through scenario-based opportunities systems failures and system opportunities to better support children and families experiencing ACEs or toxic stress

Session 2: Learn from an inspiring panel of experts who will speak to how they have approached cross-sector collaboration to advance trauma-informed practices and ACEs prevention and intervention

Session 3: Develop concrete action plans to guide regional cross-sector collaboration around ACE screening and coordinated prevention and treatment to mitigate the toxic stress response for children and families.

We want YOU at the table so that we have leaders from education, foster care, juvenile justice, CPS, housing, and health providers informing each other and streamlining strategic efforts.

Our hope is that all sectors have a voice in designing the picture of what transformative justice looks like for regional networks of care, to help reduce ACEs and the toxic stress response, to improve community well-being. We invite diverse perspectives to help inform this process.

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Bernice Rosas Belmonte has dedicated her time and efforts in working for the common good. She has a background working in immigration law, the non-profit sector, and campaigns. Her passions center around her values of human rights, equity, and social justice. She joined the Catalyst Center team in July of 2020 as Project Coordinator and continues her passion of amplifying the voices of those who are working with children and families. A graduate from the University of California, Riverside with a Bachelor of Arts in political science and the University of San Francisco with a Master in Public Affairs, she strives to be the bridge between policy and the community to ensure everyone has an equal and equitable opportunity at a healthy, wholesome life.

Lucy Hernandez is a certified community action professional (CCAP) and a National R.O.M.A. Certified Trainer (NCRT) that has administered multi-million budgets for public and Non-Profit community action agencies in CA for over 22 years. She has developed recognized programs and models in the state and at the national level. As a professional in the human services field, she has administered agencies in rural and urban communities. Lucy’s passion is building community action agencies and their communities through maximizing a collective impact model and supporting local efforts to build awareness, community engagement and leadership development to succeed as one! Lucy Hernandez was most recently announced by the North Bay Business Journal as the 2020 Latina Business Leadership Award Recipient for her dedication to serving the North Bay and Latino communities through innovative community and business services.

Stacy Shwartz Olagundoye, Catalyst Center Program Manager, exemplifies a commitment to community well-being, systems change, and transformative justice for children, youth, and families. She contributes over fifteen years of combined experience in project management, culturally responsive research and evaluation, training and technical assistance, and nonprofit leadership. Stacy specializes in complex, equity-focused, cross-sectional projects in the areas of educational disparities, trauma, health equity, and community and youth development to help leverage collective partnership into community action and change.

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